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Get a package!

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Get a package! Empty Get a package!

Post by Amber on Sun Nov 15, 2009 3:28 pm

A package is something that brings a bit more activity onto your forum/website/whatever If you chose this you can get:

Small pack:
1 regestered user, 15 posts, 3 topics

Cost: 5 posts on here, and 15 points

Medium Pack:
1 regestered user, 25 posts, 6 topics

Cost: 15 posts on here, and 30 points

Large Pack:
2 regestered users, 30 posts, 8 topics

Cost: 20 posts on here, and 50 points

Mega Pack:
2 regestered users, 40 posts, 10 topics

30 posts on here, and 100 points
please note that if ou want this we reccomend that you have it set as an automatic activation insted of having us go to our email, click it then log in. We won't deny your reqest but it will take longer

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